It is not only a question of what we do but also how we do it: With passion and high performance engineering we provide our customers with today´s and tomorrow´s leading technologies. Thats our drive: Miller cutting-edge steel - high quality steel rules with the decisive difference. Martin Miller Rules.

Martin Miller MicroTop

The rule with more power.
The new MicroTop cutting rule developed by Martin Miller combines the properties of unique HP plasma hardening technology with the advantages of higher bevel strength and improved rule stability due to a special bevel geometry.

Reduction of make-ready time
The MicroTop cutting rule bevel is less sensitive to high cutting pressure, resulting in quick and easy make-ready.

Longer rule lifetime
The cutting results of our MicroTop show a reduced tendency to crease angel hairs and dust. Even with very long runs the MicroTop offers the optimum cutting quality.

Improved pressure distribution
MicroTop offers less risk for edge damage thanks to the specific bevel geometry. A 75° tip angle improves robustness against cutting pressure overload. The rule tip 
remains sharp longer thus increasing rule lifetime.

The comprehensive strength of the MicroTop rule is far higher in comparison to a rule with standard A-bevel. With the same bevel hardeness, the rule stays in shape longer due to the higher pressure resistance achieved through the unique bevel design.


HP+ 34 MicroTop is the latest evolution by Martin Miller.

The rule has all standard
features of MicroTop along with a special dual-hardened cutting edge with a tip hardness of of approx. 800 HV. It performs best with long-run jobs which also require
narrow-angle bending.

Ideally this rule should be used for:

– carton (e.g. cigarette boxes, food trays...)
– corrugated board
– duplex board

Martin Miller MicroTop-