Stone Saw Steel

We are your preferred supplier for high quality strip steel - best opportunities for your success in marble cutting.
Stone Saw Steel

Stone Saw Steel

Our Marble & Stone Saw Steel is an alloyed strip steel, which is, cold rolled, hardened and tempered, ground surface, featuring exceptional flatness and precision edges. With our industry-leading heat treatment expertise, we achieve parallel cross section profiles and best flatness tolerances. Martin Miller’s cold-rolled saw steel is renowned world-wide for its extremely homogeneous hardness structure.

Our experts control every single step in the manufacturing process of our world-class gang saw steel. Sustainable, high quality is our key; our flatness is unmatched in the industry.

Customer Benefits
  • Superior life-time of the saw, increased productivity
  • Perfect workability due to optimised flatness and steel structure
  • Best weldability
  • Best performance of the saw
  • High efficiency
  • High, uniform and sustainable blade quality
Stone Saw Steel-Carbon strip coil
Carbon strip coil
-Stone gang saws
Stone gang saws


Martin Miller recommends two different steel grades for the perfect machined stone gang saw. The carbon C75 steel grade is a very econonical version and covers all standard applications. The steel 75Ni8 is a high alloyed nickel grade with enhanced mechanical properties - every time when more hardness and wear resistance is required.

Chemical Composition

C0,70 - 0,80%0,72 - 0,78 %
Si0,15 - 0,35 %0,15 - 0,35 &
Mh0,60 - 0,90 %0,30 - 0,50 %
P0,025 %0,025 %
S0,010 %0,010 %
Cr< 0,40 %< 0,25 %
Ni< 0,20 %1,90 -2,10 %


Standard DimensionsSpecial Dimensions
2,00 x 180 [mm]1,75 x 180 [mm]
2,50 x 180 [mm]2,50 x 200 [mm]
3,00 x 180 [mm]3,00 x 200 [mm]
3,50 x 180 [mm]3,25 x 180 [mm]
3,50 x 200 [mm]

Other dimensions on request.