Clicking Die Steel

Martin Miller is world-wide known for unsurpassed cold-rolled strip steel products. On of those is clicking die steel for the textile and leather industry. For decades we have been partner for a world-wide distribution net within this business.
Clicking Die Steel

In the production of clicking die steel we draw on decades or experience in strip steel processing and heat treatment. For making their quality cutting tools, our partners need ground and tempered strip steel with good bendability and high edge hardness which we produce entirely in our own company. The Martin Miller clicking die steel is primarily used in the leather-, textile- and plastics industries as well as for cutting all kinds of semi-hard materials.

Martin Miller Clicking Die Steel Product Range
  • VIKING Flex gold
  • VIKING Flex hard
  • VIKING Flex
  • VIKING Zack
  • VIKING Tex
  • Bevel on one edge or on both edges
  • Special bevel executions for customer requirements
  • For single and multi-layer cutting

VIKING Flex Gold combines best bendability with the right hardness for a high stability.
The HF- hardened bevel guarantees highest tool life time.
  • Bendability = quick and accurate processing
  • Ideal Body Hardness = high stability
  • HF-hardened edge = highest edge life

VIKING Flex GoldThickness ≤ 2,8mmThickness ≥ 3,0mm
Body Hardness~365 HV
~ 37 HRC 
~ 345 HV
~ 35 HRC 
Bevel Hardness~ 500 HV
~ 49 HRC 
~ 500 HV
~ 49 HRC