Product Photos

  • Flatbed Steel Rules

    Supra Z
    (fine ground bevel)
    One of the latest developments by Martin Miller sets new standardsregarding precision, sharpness and surface quality of the bevel.
  • Steel Rules


    Combines the properties of unique HP plasma hardening technology with the advantages of higher bevel strength and improved rule stability due to a special bevel geometry.
  • Rotary Creasing Rules

    Cutting: For safety edge applications
    Creasing: For creasing in direction of the corrugated flute, supports better dimensional accuracy when folding the carton
  • Rotary Cutting Rules

    AD-RS 12T
    round guilet - pointed thooth, best bendability
  • Rotary Cutting Rules

    AD-ST 12T
    Standard design, aggressive tooth space for general use

  • Packaging